Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pumpin Mud

We are all watching closely the killing of that oil flow in the Gulf. The pumping of the mud started an hour ago and we're keeping our fingers crossed that this accomplishes their goal of stopping the oil.

I'm afraid it might be too little too late in regards to our fishermen, shrimpers and tour boats for that area. We were going to drive to Venice and get a first hand view of the area but the husband is waiting on a call to go back out so we nixed that idea.

And nothing to do at all about oil, I heard a clatter and a tick and swiveled my head to the sound which was the front door. A metal wire basket hangs on the outside of that door and intertwined in that lattice work metal basket is a fall foliage bit of decoration. Perched atop that wire basket was a fat bird. That's all the description I can give you as I know not one bird from another. Inside that wire basket another bird was huddled and in her beak was some nest building material and that's exactly what she was doing. As usual, her husband was perched on the rim watching his lovely wife build her next for the eggs she planned on laying and nurturing.
I had to break up their little party. A bird nest being built on a door that gets heavy use will never fly. Did I say "fly"? Ok, maybe that was a bad choice of words, but you get my drift. Discouraging those birds didn't take much work or effort. I moved her little gathered nest building material and she was hasn't returned. I'm hoping she wasn't devastated by being evacuated from her home, or should I say, evicted? It wasn't really a home yet and her labor was minimal at the time I intervened.
I had to make another visit to the dentist to have the temporary tooth reattached and hopefully this will be the last time to have that done. The permanent tooth should be in this week or next and the permanent glue will be used to hold it on the metal implanted spike. Fun huh? Yeah, well, when the daughter saw me smile with that tooth missing, she muttered something about hillbilly and every time she has texted me today, she has used that word to address me.
I'm off to have some dinner. I can hear the husband chopping and grating and stirring something in the kitchen and my stomach and I are really interested right now in his activities.
I'm done!

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