Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another Quitter

Four days ago at midnight nicotine was denied it's blast to the brain to start a dopamine release. The following morning a teary eyed and jittery woman began her journey to a nicotine free life. A rocky day it was for her. Between crying and bouts of short temper she completed day 1.
Day 2 was a little better though she commented often on the desire to smoke a cigarette. The crying was left behind on day 1 but the desire was still there.
Day 3 and hours would pass before the brain summoned her to deliver some nicotine. She would hang on for a few minutes until the urge passed and she did say it was becoming much better then Day 1. I didn't say anything to her in reply to that comment but silently I was thinking about all the tears on Day 1.
Day 4 has come and gone and now it's a matter of time. Time to get past the habit. "20 days to break a habit" and that is her next goal point. The nicotine should be out of her body at the end of those first 3 days. She did say her tongue felt as though there were cracks in it and she had to grab a mirror and check it out but that is something I warned her about when the nicotine was leached out of her tongue.
I'm her biggest cheerleader right now and I'm relieved that she has decided to be a "quitter". She said "hey, if you could quit, anybody can!" You know it was bad when my "quit" is an inspiration and offers hope to another wanna be quitter.
I was a heavy smoker and friends and family thought I would never be a "quitter".
I guess I showed them huh? I never take it for granted and I never want to go through quitting again. I think of all the positives about being a quitter and revel in all the freedom I have acquired by being a "quitter".
I smell better too. ;-)


  1. I do quit from time to time. It depends on my mood. I'm smoking at the moment but have cut right back, so it's an improvement. It's an awful habit I know...but I do so enjoy it!

  2. If I could quit "from time to time" or even cut back....but no, I couldn't do that and I did too enjoy it but all in all, I'm happy with my status now!


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