Monday, May 17, 2010

A typical Sunday sorta. I put on a big pot of Gumbo around 1000 and let it simmer most of the day. The daughter and family appeared later with potato salad to go with the gumbo.
My goal yesterday was to stay off my feet as much as possible. I think I overdid it the day before with too much walking and my heel and ankle were swollen double size and no amount of elevating and icing it caused it to shrink. Swelling hampers the blood flow to the area which hampers healing. If blood doesn't circulate well, the Achilles Tendon won't heal and I would surely hate to think about tissue grafting and all the other horrors that go along with it. Taking the Ibuprofen to mask the pain so I could walk was not a wise idea.
Rain, rain and more rain? The sun is peeking through early this morning though the weather channel is predicting more rain. We could use the moisture. It has been a dry spring and I have to remember to water the pepper plants on the patio.
I'm watching the news on the well blowout in the Gulf and it might be too early to hope, but it looks as though they (BP) might be making some progress on capturing that oil. I don't comment on this much. We are all holding our breaths here and expecting major governmental intervention because of this blowout. Too many people and companies that took too many shortcuts and I'm sure payoffs to overlook some of the required restraints on well requirements. Sad.
Carrie spent the night and allowed me a thin sliver of the mattress to claim as mine. Every time I moved, she would wake up and gasp "no Nana!" and I would reassure her that I wasn't going anywhere. She has this little talk with me right before she goes to sleep "you know Nana, sometimes people get out of bed and leave me and I wake up and YOU'RE gone. I think nobody should do that, don't you?"
I've had my coffee and bathroom stop and maybe I should sneak back into bed and be there when she wakes up? Wouldn't she be surprised, although staying in bed until 0900 or 1000 o'clock might drive me stir crazy.
The husband should return today if all went well on his job. He thought they were finishing up yesterday and everytime he gets home from a well site, I sign in relief. Scary, that rig stuff.
Shower time!

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