Saturday, May 1, 2010

Duck, Duck, Bread

We fed the ducks. It was a promise made and kept to take Carrie to the park. A spattering of rain before we left, made me warn Carrie that our park visit might be short if the rains came back. I should have known she would ask "back from where"? "Never mind little girl, get in the car and don't forget the bread."

The park is but a short distance away so not much time was wasted in getting there.

There wasn't a duck in sight. They must have been hanging at the pond over the hill. We waited at the picnic table with a slice of bed ready to be shared with them. One duck approached from the rise of land in the distance. I encouraged Carrie to toss a piece of bread high in the air and that's all it took. That beady, sharp eyed fowl saw that bread fly up and his waddle escalated. Did you ever see a duck run? They don't but they do waddle fast. He flung out his wings as he waddled toward us and I assume that was done as a balance factor as a high wire walker carries a long pole to balance himself on the wire.

His buddies must have noted his absence because soon another one crested the top of the hill and went pell mell into a waddle run like move. Then another and another until they were coming from all directions. Antenna? Radar? or maybe they have satellite positioning on each other. In the air we noted movement; a white duck was sailing through the air to make a two point landing beyond us a bit. The duck overshot his landing but as soon as he touched down he reversed directions and headed for the bread line. All in all, it was a good duck day and that's all one can ask for.


  1. I love feeding ducks and its something my daughter and I will be doing with Billy next week. However having checked the weather forecast for England it's looking pretty grim. Rain, rain and more rain!

    Lovely pics Charlotte

  2. Ajak: Have a good duck feeding time! I hope you enjoy every minute of you holiday with daughter and Billie


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