Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Whole Lot of Nothing

Where have the last two days gone? I seem to have been busy although I can't list for you what I have been doing. I don't think I got much accomplished but I feel as though I haven't stopped and taken some down time. I put up the Christmas tree and that is all the decorating for the season I've done besides hanging the wreath on the front door.

I was on my way to do errands and got side tracked. GrDaughter's car wouldn't start and when I talked with her, she told me the alternator was out. It was pouring rain and not a warm kind of moistness. She said she had tried jumper cables on it and it wouldn't start. I told her I would be right over. I asked when I got there what kind of cables she had used. A cheap kind she said. I have heavy duty ones and we hooked them up and it cranked right over. She held the umbrella while I hooked and unhooked the cables. I followed her to the auto parts store where we had her battery checked, it failed and we replaced it with a new one.
It's been things like this that have kept me busy for the past two days. It seems that I start to do something and get totally side tracked by something unexpected. At least I haven't lost my car, totalled it, or some other catastrophic event has happened.
Daughter totaled her jeep a few weeks ago and finally today, she found another vehicle. She found a one owner, Jeep Cherokee Sport which was exactly what she had been looking for. This is her third Cherokee; she likes this vehicle. With that out of the way, I won't be carting her around anymore. I can't think that was what has kept me busy anyway. I haven't even kept Carrie for any length of time. I can't blame my slothness on her.

I have a meatloaf in the oven sidled up to a couple of potatoes that are baking and I'm waiting for hubby to arrive home. His job finished up yesterday and he has spent all day driving home.
He was supposed to be here an hour ago. I should have told him to get something to eat on the way in. Holding dinner when the arrival time is not definite makes for a dried out meal. I'll have to reheat everything when he finally gets home.
I'm going to sit on the sofa with the sweet smelling freshly bathed Carrie and do some more of nothing.

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  1. There isn't much that is better than a meatloaf sandwich. Little mayo, thin sliced tomato, vidalia onion ....


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