Saturday, December 26, 2009

Post Christmas One Day

Awake and stuffing tissues into my nostrils, sneezing and just generally having a case of the blahs, a cold it seems has decided to settle in and make a home of me. There was so much I wanted to get done today and taking down the tree and pitching it to the curb was one of them. I did make it to Home Depot where I purchased a tree on sale for next year. Prelit, 3 pieces and a stand which makes for a tree that can be assembled in short order much unlike the 3 hr setup I had on the tree that stands for it's last year in a corner of the living room.

Before going to Home Depot, I had to stop by the tire store and get the tire fixed that apparently picked up a nail somewhere. Every couple of days I had to hook up my mini air compressor to the cigarette lighter spot and pump the tire back up and again in two more days it had to be done again. I tried getting it fixed before the holiday but the place was packed with customers and the waiting time was hours. Today it was wonderful. I was the only person in there so the car got pulled in on the rack within seconds of me handing over the keys to the staff. It's 40 degrees here which seems cold to us but as I watch the weather reports and all the snow pictured across the Midwest I've decided to just enjoy the nippy weather and the dry clear roads and sky we have here. I'm grateful I don't have to drive in that anymore.
The husband keeps asking "what's for lunch" and my reply is "where do you want to eat?".
There are leftovers in the fridge but he knows that and I'm sure his question is to let me know he doesn't want leftovers. I'll take the hint and be happy to go somewhere for lunch. Decisions, decisions. A lunch anywhere that doesn't require me fixing it sounds like good times to me!
I'm outta here to answer the find out the answer to the burning question "where are we going for lunch?"

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  1. Just finished shoveling about 8".

    No, I didn't enjoy it.


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