Friday, December 4, 2009

Almost Snow

The rain that has been drizzling down all day has now progressed to sleet with a few flakes of that white stuff more commonly seen up north. We haven't got a blanket of it yet, but more like a flurry hopefully to progress to a white sheet on the ground. It's 39 degrees here and that's not including the wind chill and I know there is one. I step to the open doorway to stand and watch and the cold air circles my ankles and swirls up my legs. I have a gown and robe on; exposed ankles, neck and face feel the chill as I step back into the house and swing the door closed on the weather.

The furnace is humming, the tree lights are twinkling and it's actually beginning to feel like Christmas.

After I moved here to the deep, hot and humid south, Christmas never felt right. I suppose to the natives the warm climate was a normal thing for them for the holidays. For me, I need some cold weather with some snow to get into the spirit. It's just the way it was for me for years and years and now we wear shorts through December. This cold front will pass through and it will get warm once again but I would take this weather through Christmas day if I could get it.
Carrie left today to spend the weekend with her dad. We had plans. She was going to make a snow ball. She wanted to make a snow man but said she didn't know how but she knew we needed a carrot. I had to tell her that we wouldn't be getting that much snow. A snow ball we might manage; a snow angel if we moved quickly and lots of pictures of this event I would capture.
I hope she gets to make a snow ball at her dad's house. I'm sure she will ask. This will be the second winter in a row for her to see snow. At this rate she may start to think this is a yearly happening. Once a year snow? I'll settle for that.
I'm outta here to enjoy the fresh salad and the sub sandwiches the husband is doling out. Have a happy whatever and where ever you may be.

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  1. How fantastic would it be to have seen snow only twice?


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