Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday and Frosted

Not a Christmasy type photo huh?

I awoke to a lawn covered in heavy frost. I know it's not snow but this is as close as we will get to a white Christmas. I'm clothed in a heavy warm sweat shirt and slacks and sandals. Sandals? Yep, sandals and the reason is the Achilles tendon that won't tolerate shoes with a back on them that will rub against it and cause swelling. I'm thankful I don't live in snow country or I would have frost bitten feet and toes. The forecasters have spoken and it will be 67 degrees here today so I'll be ok with sandals but might have to shed the sweat shirt. Please, just let it be either; either hot or cold but this flipping from one side of the coin to the other on a daily basis sucks.
I flipped on the bathroom ceiling heater and took a nice hot shower this morning and now I'm debating on getting my hair cut today. A shopping trip for a roast and vegetables and that will be Christmas dinner, a one pan meal.
I'm planning a Christmas Eve occasion and on Christmas day I will drive to Texas and spend a few days with the husband.
Yesterday I spend the day visiting the great grandma's. Carrie took her Christmas presents to them and spent the afternoon passing out her hugs and kisses. The grandmothers enjoyed her visit immensely and it was worth the drive to Lydia to see them with her. She slept all the way home and had to be carried into the house. I felt the same way but I had to drive so I managed to stay awake until I got home. There would have been no one to carry me inside anyway.
It's time for me to back away from the computer and get some things done for today and this is my farewell sentence. The ending of a blog and the start of my day; another day to be grateful for.

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