Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thirty One

Our winter is here. I can tell by the slight skiff of snow on the rooftops, the frost on the windshields and the crispy 31 degrees causing ones breath to hover in a balloon puff of condensed air just beyond ones lips.
Yep, today we have winter and tomorrow it will be 65 degrees and our winter will retreat for a few weeks. One day it's the a/c unit I hear clicking on and off and the next it's the furnace blowing warm air from the ceiling vents.
My next phone call that must be made on a weekday will be to the insulators to blow some more insulation into the attic. I've been waiting till the temperatures in the attic drop below 100 degrees before I ask anyone to spend time up there. I gave up on the attic insulation job after falling through the ceiling and magically appearing crumpled up on the office floor. I'm grateful my legs weren't splintered and I swore off ever going back into the attic. To this date I have kept this promise.
The husband has requested waffles and bacon and breakfast is the one meal I like to cook. It probably relates to the fact that this is my favorite meal to eat.
He has also requested chicken and dumplings for dinner and the dumplings he is talking about is really home made noodles. Oh yay and that's all I have to say about that. I would rather cook a big pot of gumbo.


  1. I haven't had a pot of chicken and dumplings since my mom died. Damn! That sounds good. Those big, wide, home-made dumplings.

  2. Chicken and dumplings tomorrow..
    I promised.


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