Thursday, December 3, 2009

Third Time is the Charm

Once again, a Jeep Cherokee will be parked at daughter's house. This will be the third Jeep Cherokee she has owned. The first one was a Cherokee Sport as is this one. The second was a 2 door plain one. Green, red and now blue, the Cherokee lives on. I think this is the last year they were made so finding another one with low mileage might be near impossible in the future. This is a tank vehicle; hard to kill unless of course you put one head on into a giant oak tree or you get broadsided by a truck. That is the history of the past two she has owned. No mechanical problems with them except for trees and trucks marring the driveability of them. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that since this is the third one, it will survive planes, trains and automobiles.

Carrie spent the night here last night and I spent most of the morning picking up after her. I had to explain to her that she would be responsible for putting her stuff away and that I had picked up the last of her stuff, toys and clothes. She eyed me, stepped back and gave me a big smile; a smile that said "you're kidding, right?"

Sometimes you have to get gruff with her; a stern voice is needed to convince her that you are not jesting. If I get to the teeth gritting stage she knows she has moved too close to the edge; the edge of my madness. I delivered her back to her mother's house at 1P M and then at 6PM I had another moment of madness and picked up the phone and called her. I asked if she wanted to spend the night and got a negative reply. It wasn't long after hanging up that her mother called to say that Carrie really did want to spend the night. By this time I had had second thoughts about the offer and told her that I wasn't feeling well. Chasing Carrie didn't look so appealing after I had a moment of sanity. I plan on laying around the remainder of this evening. Chinese take out was supper so the kitchen is clean and I'm headed to the king size bed to watch a little TV and ice my heel.

Tomorrow I will think again about having a Carrie moment.

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