Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ker Chooooooooooooooo

I hate having a cold. You're not sick enough to stay in bed but you still feel miserable. My stuffy head and the pressure behind my eyes coupled with the bouts of sinus drainage and to hell with it, I went to bed. I really went to "sofa" and stayed there most of yesterday. When awake I would dismantle Christmas decorations and move them to the Little House for storage, a nap and more storing of holiday trim and that was my day.

A deep inhalation, head thrown back and a loud explosion clears the sinuses temporarily. Ker chooooooooooooo!!! My eyes feel swollen and my throat is sore and those loud explosive sneezes offer relief but for a short while. I'm taking an antihistamine to dry up the sinuses. Another day or two and I should be all well and that I'm looking forward to.

Carrie just made it to my house. I met her father at the half way point and collected her and all her Christmas loot. Right now she is playing with her Nintendo DS Lite while I moan, groan, sigh and sneeze. This is a great day to do absolutely nothing and not feel guilty about it and that is what I will be doing.

I'm saving this to draft just in case something earth shattering should happen today and I might want to record here the happening. I'll save this and return later.

The daughter came and picked up Carrie but not until I had soaked her in the tub and washed her hair. Poor little girl. She is not feeling well also and she still manages to be happy. As soon as she left, I grabbed my blanket and burrowed into the sofa for a nap. I've had enough of this cold and if it follows the course of everyone else that has had it, I should be more then halfway through the allotted time for it.

As nothing earth shattering nor newsworthy has happened as of this time, I'm ending this and posting. I'm done.

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