Thursday, December 17, 2009

8 More

8 more days till Christmas and then I'll be in a rush to get the tree cleared out and the rest of the decorations put away. It just seems like a lot of work dragging that stuff out of storage and sorting it out to be displayed for 20 something days and then reverse that process. Am I being Scrooge like? Maybe tonight I will take everyone around town after dark to look at the Christmas lights displayed. Maybe.

A trip was planned today with daughter and Carrie. We were delivering her to her Dad's house in Lydia but that trip has been cancelled as he has to work and won't be able to have the weekend off.

Carrie and I may go anyway. It's 8 more days till Christmas and I would like to get some Christmas pictures of the Great Grandmothers with Carrie. I try to visit with my camera and record images that may soon be unattainable considering the ages of everyone involved.

I haven't decided on making a trip to Texas but that might be something I do tomorrow. The rains will start again today and the weather will be less then wonderful so I may just take a motel break and get away for a few days.

When it gets this close to the 25th, I feel a little panic setting in. Have I got everything done? Am I really finished with the shopping? It didn't take but a few days to do all that so I feel as though I should be doing more. Daughter used to love it when I started my Christmas shopping in the middle of the summer. It meant that she got a ton of stuff because I started too early. Now I go for a couple of days of shopping in December, have a list and spend a lot less money. Of course the daughter gets a lot less but I reasoned with her "You were an only child" and now that there are 4 of you thanks to your prolific multiplying, you get 1/4 of what you were once assured of receiving in the past."

It's good for her. Sharing is a good thing don't ya think?
Merry Almost Christmas in another 8 days! I did mention it was 8 more days till Christmas?

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