Tuesday, December 22, 2009

But for a Loaf of Bread

I would not have left this house this morning. Oh, let me change that last statement. I did have to go to the bank too so it wasn't the only thing I needed this morning. The acquiring of the loaf of bread is what propelled me into the masses of Walmart. The aisles were crowded with carts being pushed by shoppers that were not shopping for only food supplies although you could see a lot of Christmas dinner groceries along with baby dolls, Tonka trucks and wrapping paper crowding each other in those carts. The push is on. The last week of shopping and the glazed look on the faces of the shoppers. Some have waited this late and feel the pressure to finish in the next few days.

I must confess. I bought Carrie a doll baby today. I wanted to have it sitting under the tree on Christmas morning; a toy from Santa. Carrie loves anything she can cuddle. A stuffed animal or a doll will always be found hanging over her arm. She walks with them and talks to them without reservation. Her imagination brings them to life with conversation. She speaks to them and for them and cares for them as any good mother would her children. Too soon Santa won't be someone she will wait for. She will be the bringer of gifts; the harried shopper and the parent of some little girl or boy. Merry Christmas to Carrie and all the little people celebrating a visit from Santa.

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