Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh Damn, It's Cold

She's humming Christmas carols and watching for white stuff to begin falling out of the sky.

No, not really, but dang it's cold here. Yesterday was still a mild semi warm day, we wore shorts. Today I might have to put on a pair of slacks and a sweater. I'm sipping my hot, creamed coffee and wondering where I left my warm robe. I might have to go and find it to wear for a while. It's still pitch black out but when the sun makes it's appearance, I'm sure we will heat up once again.

Speaking of heating up, I'm having Carl the Carpenter visit this weekend. I have to go today and buy a bunch of batt insulation so he can start insulating the remainder of the attic that I didn't do. I won't ever make an attempt to crawl around on those rafters again.

Carrie and I hung out together yesterday. I had to run the sweeper and while I was doing that, she took the Windex and cleaned the coffee table. She mopped the floor for me and then after those chores were done, we wrapped Christmas gifts. I placed the tissue paper in the gift box while she watched closely. The gift was then placed on the tissue and then we smoothed the tissue paper across the gift and added the box lid. After that I cut pieces of tape and attached to one part of the box while letting her smooth the other end down over the lower part of the box. This took a while to complete. I had time to spare and anytime you do something with children allot yourself plenty of time. It helps cut the frustration level down if you prepare yourself to not finish any child help tasks quickly.

After the first box was wrapped, she would carry it to the tree and place it wherever she wanted. We repeated this wrapping process throughout the morning. What she had learned watching the first box wrapped, she could do on her own afterwards. The pace picked up a little but still took more time then if I had been working alone.

We shared what each gift was and she made promises to me to "not tell". We know a secret and what person doesn't like feeling that a secret shared between two people is a special thing. She felt very special and when her Poppy tried questioning her about what his gift was, she smiled slyly and said "nope, I'm not gonna tell ya". It's a secret, huh Nanny?"

She walks around the tree picking up packages and questioning "who does this belong to?" I give her an answer and she moves on to the next package. I remember when each of the grandchildren would do this. She is behaving as expected. Her excitement is mounting and her stocking at the fireplace is checked each time she visits; a chocolate is extracted to be replaced at a later time with another. Even this sets her imagination to soaring and she talks about how the reindeer fly and Santa gets into the house. She wants to get him a gift so I explained about the cookies and milk we would leave him on Christmas Eve. I don't think she understands the date thing and why we have to wait. Today I will print her a Christmas calendar and together we will mark off the dates till the big day.
The husband is scheduled to leave town today. He will be three hours away on that long job and after my dental appointment next week, I may make the drive to the Holiday Inn in the Texas town where he will be staying and spend a few days. No indoor pool but a spa and sauna and exercise room will be available to use. I'll have my car so I can wander around the area with my camera, visit junk stores local attractions.
I'm outta here to find my robe to wear until the sun brightens the day here.

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  1. It's 1009 hours. The temp is minus 13 (f). I hope you're not suffering too greatly.

    We made a felt christmas tree with pockets for my kid. Beginning of Dec. we'd fill the pockets with wrapped gifts. Each day she could open one and know how much longer until the day.


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