Monday, December 7, 2009

Weather and Dental Rants

It's a balmy 61 degrees here and the rain has been falling without a let up all morning. The patio, carport and yard are covered with wet sticky maple leaves. A carpet of slippery leaves wallpaper the surfaces and make for an unsafe walk. It's probably time to bring out the lawn tractor and do some mulching but the weather prohibits. Although it is 61 degrees it feels much colder with the moisture and makes one want to nap the day away.

I spent yesterday wrapping gifts; today I was going to do a little more shopping. I really don't do much Christmas buying although this year the kids got electronics and I Pods to be exact. Carrie and hubby are getting electronics also but I dare not mention it here in case he reads this so the spending was a little more then usual. I want to pick up three more gifts today and that should end my Christmas binge.
A dental visit looms in my future although I haven't made any appointments yet. I put this off as long as possible because of my intense dislike of having anything done. I've spent a lot of money and much of my time in that dental chair and with that said, it still doesn't make it any easier going back.
What I would like to do is go to Arizona and have all the dental work done that I need. Sister In Law works in a dental office and I can get a family discount. I'll have to recheck this as the economy there has tumbled and they might not still offer this. I could fly out of New Orleans and stay with the sister in law while I get a massive amount of this done. I'll call her today and see if that offer still stands.
Meanwhile, it's time for me to get showered, dressed and in shopping gear. I can see the finish line from here and what a welcome sight it is.


  1. I figured you would be unable to face the day after the game yesterday.

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