Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thermals, Insulating and Attics

The last time I attempted to roll batt insulation in the attic, I made a straight body feet first dive through the ceiling to the tile floors below. I did get a little of it done before I took that dive but after the hard landing, I didn't attempt it again. The husband rolled more of it but it wasn't completed so today Carl will be here to finish the job. I have 15 rolls of insulation on the carport waiting for Carl to arrive. It couldn't be a better day to be in an attic. It's cool up there right now and the rain is coming down outside. This makes for a perfect day to be working under roof.

I have to make an early morning run to Walmart to pick up a few things and get some lunch stuff. I dread going out into the wet, cold wind that hasn't let up for the past two or three days. It will be up to 61 degrees today so I can shed my sweater and jacket and wait for the next cool spell.

Carl rolled out all but two rolls of the insulation and he will be back tomorrow to continue the job. I made another trip to the store and picked up more insulation although I know I still don't have enough to finish the job. One more run should take care of that.

The next part of this job will be to pull up the flooring up there to add the insulation. I'm hoping all this pays off this summer with lower cooling bills. At least it won't have to be done again in my lifetime.

I'm going to make one last trip out of here to Walmart and then back here for a hot shower and some TV time.

It's the hot shower I will be grateful for!

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