Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Adrift and Drifting

I must remember to grab the robe laying across the foot of my bed but by the time I realize it's cold enough to put it on I'm in the office shivering at the computer with my hot mug of coffee while my fingers search my desktop shortcuts. The coffee is hot and rich with vanilla flavored creamer; the cup warms my fingers from the first knuckle to the nail and if not for want of that robe, I would be most comfortable sitting here enjoying my morning rituals while the news broadcast can be heard from the living room TV.

My plans today are skimpy at best. I didn't get that hair cut yesterday but I did take the scissors and trim about an inch off the crown but I haven't decided if that will hold me over for another week or so. I need printer ink for this printer that is so damn slow that I want to pitch it out the door; the new Canon printer sits boxed and waiting for me to unplug this one and replace it with that one. I have pictures to print to update Carrie's yearly album I do for her and this would be a perfect time to do that as I'm home alone and enjoying every minute of it. I have plenty to do or that needs doing but what "needs doing" is just not as fun as doing what I want. Apparently that isn't much either because I don't get much done lately.

Ted is supposed to show up in a couple of hours for breakfast. He will pop in and eat, surf the net, play some computer games and then find some of his friends to hang with.

In another 10 days I will be packing all the Christmas decorations back into their boxes and hauling them back to the shed/Little House. Another holiday passed and survived or at least I'm hoping that's how this goes.

I have a friend that makes this statement "I'll be dead before this one wears out" or "this will be the last one I have to buy as I'll be dead before another one is needed". I had never thought this way when making a purchase until she made these comments and then I started to wonder if this was the way other people thought about the expiring of furniture and self or any major purchase and their self. I still don't want to look at everything in this light. Am I in denial or is she fatalistic? I think my husband looks at things this way too. He has made a few statements that lead me to believe he is watching for expiration of item and self. How depressing. How about it? Anyone else think of time in terms of expiration?

I don't even like to type about it. Buy furniture? Yeah, I've been wanting to purchase a new bedroom suite of furniture. Maybe I need to start thinking about buying the cheapest set and then I can say it will expire before I do. Long lasting might not be needed as I might expire before it does. I might just need to buy furniture that only lasts 15 years? What if I were to shop with those perimeters.

"Say, Mr. Salesmen. Do you have a bedroom suite that will last about 15 yrs as I don't expect to be around after that?" I can envision a store that has expiration dates on everything and full of the elderly shopping for supplies based on THEIR expiration date or a rough estimate of how long they think they will be around. I think this is the way retirement benefits are calculated by the Social Security administration and budgeting how long a person is expected to live after the age of retirement. State budgets must be planned on the assumption that a state employment retires after thirty years of service and collects a few years of their retirement before they permanently retire if you get my drift?

Speaking of drifting and I did, I'm going to drift out of here and get showered dressed, powdered and puffed and wait for the temperatures to hit the high of 68 degrees today. That will be the signal to wash my filthy car and wait for the rains that are supposed to visit tomorrow. That makes sense huh?


  1. Go figure, its been raining here for days. Green grass in December? In Canada? Ridiculous! Temps should drop tonight, hope we get some pretty new snow for Christmas!

    My father-in-law jokes about his purchases out-lasting him too. I find it macabre and have to wonder if he wants to spend his last 10 or so sitting on cheap furniture or sleeping in low quality sheets. I think its a weird thing to think about so I'm with you.

    gotta go wash my filthy truck, too.

  2. We don't get snow or if we do, it's like every 10 yrs. I don't really want rain but would settle for nice cold temperatures and that would be temps in the 40's. Oh and thanks for the vote on the expiring thing. eeewwww!!!


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