Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Much Improved Me?

OMG! What WAS I thinking when I made a dental appointment for 7AM? I have to take a pre med before any procedure that is invasive so I had to take my PCN at 6AM this morning and be in the dentist's office at 7AM for the deep scaling. I think I was awake all night for fear of oversleeping and at 5AM I crept into the living room and onto the sofa leaving Carrie asleep in the bed. A few minutes passed before she came stumbling in and onto the sofa. We both wedged ourselves into a reclining position and pulled the cover over us although I knew sleep was only a memory now.

She wanted some chocolate milk and I brewed a pot of caffeine and started dressing for the day. While she watched cartoons I ran a straight iron through my hair and smudged some makeup on and returned to the sofa to keep her company until it was time for me to leave. It was 31 degrees here this morning so I started the car up a couple of minutes before I had to sit on those cold leather seats. By the time I was ready to go after putting Carrie to bed with her Poppy, the car was nice and warm and the traffic was nil. Except for the ungodly hour of this appointment, the fact of not having to deal with a lot of traffic was great.

An hour later after anticipating much pain which never materialized, I was released from the clutches of the hygienist. A panoramic picture was also taken this visit and the dentist will call me for a consult after he has a chance to review and draw up a plan of action on what is to come next.

I got home and passed out for a couple of hours. I think the stress worn me down and out. The whole house took a nice long nap and it wasn't even noon yet. Everyone is stiring now although I still feel as though I could nap for another couple of hours. Carrie's sleep pattern determines how everyone else spends the afternoon and since she is up it might be time for lunch for her and some interaction.

Tomorrow I visit the dentist for a 30 minute consultation. I'm hoping this leads to a solution and I can proceed with dental work and finish in the year 2010.
I'm not in the mood to blog. I want to sleep. I want to hide away and sleep until this cold finishes with me. I'm done.

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