Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dental and Time

The skies have opened up and are dumping massive amounts of rain upon us. I suppose it's better then getting massive amounts of snow making travel treacherous instead of just making trips around town uncomfortable. I'm waiting for the next round of cool weather. I forget every year what winters are here. Wet and humid with lots of rain, a few cool days then days where the temperatures climb back to the high 70's.

It's no wonder I winch when I hear Christmas music and the temperatures are such that we are wearing shorts and t shirts.

I took Carrie home and left her with her mother while we did a little shopping then picked her up on the return to the house. She has been up since 5AM and is beginning to look a little worn and in need of a nap. That's the next thing on my list. Right now she is having some Ramen noodles; a late lunch for her. She is watching one of her favorite TV shows. I Carly. I don't think this show was intended for a 4yr old. It's a pre teen show and I watch her as she follows the soon to be teen girls as they interact with boys, talk about kissing, makeup and clothes. And I wonder why she doesn't talk as a 4yr old should talk? She isn't bored with this show. It captures her attention and she will sit quietly watching until it ends.

I made an appointment with a dentist this morning to do periodontal scaling which will start next week. Then I'll make a decision about flying to Arizona to continue the dental work. Flying and dentist visits, both things I would rather avoid. I might as well get both of the distasteful things out of the way at one time.
(continued on Wednesday)
Sipping coffee and watching the news reports on CNN alone. Carrie is home and the husband is still asleep. This is my quiet time and I enjoy every minute of it.
I didn't get this posted yesterday; mainly because I really didn't have much to say or maybe I just wasn't in the mood to post anything. Carrie left for her home about 7PM last night. She slept from 3PM to 7PM and I'm wondering if her mother was up with her all night. It might have been too long a nap or at least one that started that late in the day.
The sun is slipping from beneath the clouds layering the grass with it's light. The trees have stopped dripping moisture although the maple tree continues to release it's heavy growth of leafs to the lawn below. It's time to mulch. The neighbors must love receiving the leaves that are blown by the sporadic winds onto their pristine lawns. Not everyone here has a tree in their front yard. We inherited this one when we bought this house and years ago it was just a small slim sapling that has since tripled in size and the amount of leafs it sheds each fall.
Plans for today? Not much of anything planned. The husband is waiting on a call to go on that big job he has been anticipating. He has been packing and buying some thermal wear; today or tomorrow he will get the phone call to leave. I do have a little more gift wrapping to do and a Windows 7 program to pick up to update these computers. I'll make that a goal to get done today.
I'll continue to enjoy my coffee before I make a move to do anything and that's where I am this minute.

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