Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh Lousy Night

Phone, TV, bath and bedtime and that's how my afternoon went yesterday. I settled into bed at 9:30, adjusted pillows and picked up the remote control. I didn't plan on going right to sleep but I didn't think I would be up all night either.

Sleep, awake, TV and repeat. I did not have a restful night and I do not feel rested now. Go figure! Thankfully, I don't have anything urgent that needs attending to today so I can take a nap should I feel worn and torn by early afternoon. Maybe I should have taken an Ambien which I'm trying to avoid doing. I tossed and turned and moved pillows around, removed pillows and repeated this too all night long. By this morning, I thought I had been in bed for days. AT the first signs of daylight seeping through the drapes, I popped upright, swung my feet to the floor and stood. This is where I get really slow. I stood and let my knee move to extension and took a few test steps. The heel burns and the knee alerts me that it's not standard equipment but after a few feet everything loosens up and I'm almost a normal stepper. Coffee perking, TV on and tuned to CNN for morning news and then a check on the weather to see if I will be wearing shorts or sweats, and all this while checking the internet. I'm tuned in and signed on.

The husband remains in Texas and informs me that he might be home for Christmas day. He has spent most of his time in the motel room only appearing on the rig for a few hours out of the 12 hour shift he expected to do. We call this an "easy money" job. This happens sometimes but usually he is there for his full 12 and covered in mud, grease, oil and diesel.

I'm going to try for a hair cut and a movie today. I want to see Avatar and then I would like to go to Blockbuster and rent "District 9". I walked out of that movie after an hour of viewing it in the theatre. I promised myself that when it came out on rental, I would rent it and watch the middle and end of it to see if I missed anything and that's what I plan on doing.

Ok, that's my day plan. I hope I don' t find myself passed out on the sofa at noon with the remote control in my hand. That is a possibility that I have to acknowledge.

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