Thursday, September 10, 2009

Up at 4AM, Nap to follow at Noon

That's why I take a nap. I get up way too damn early! A pot of coffee brewing and I'm checking out my email and reading some blogs. The usual morning routine but this morning it's getting done a little earlier then usual. Usual is around 5AM instead of 4AM.

Yesterday I  actually called my ortho doctor and made an appointment to see him about the pain in my ankle/foot. I've had enough and all the exercising hasn't vanquished the pain. It might be time for an injection of steroids.

Today Carrie returns and I'm ready for the little muffin to get back here. She is just such a load of entertainment. If she gets back early enough, we may go run and jump around in the downtown fountain. I love doing this but I look a little silly, all grown up and all, unless I take Carrie with me. Taking Carrie just makes me look like someone taking a child to the fountain instead of some homeless mentally incompetent looking woman frolicking in the fountain. Impressions are all important plus the nice police officers won't come around asking you all kinds of silly questions like "what is your name" and "what is today's date" and "who is the President"?

Then the sillest of all questions that nice police officer asks is "why are you in the fountain with all your clothes on?"
To this I reply with a look of astonishment "What? you expect me to put this body in a bathing suit in public???"
It's now time for me to turn on the TV and catch up on the news and to see who was arrested for illegal frolicking.

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