Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Busy Day; Passport On It's Way

Finally I did it. For the past seven months since I had my knee replacement, I planned on renewing my passport. Today I gathered up all the required documentation and went to the Clerk of Court's Office. I could do a renewal as my old passport still had a few months left on the 15yr. grace period to renew it. Passports are only good for 10 years but you have 5yrs after they expire to get a renewal. After that you have to reapply for a new one. I had a name change since the last passport so I had to send in a certified copy of my marriage certificate and get new passport photos to go with the application and a 75.00 check and Voila...finished.

I didn't even slow down. I left the Clerk of Court for Walgreen to get the photos then to the post office with all the documents to mail. I wanted it all done and mailed today. That was my goal and I'm goal oriented; this can be deleted from my list of things to do.
My feet hurt. Simple explanation. I bought a new pair of walking shoes and it has been over a year since I wore anything other then sandals. I think my feet spread out and enjoy all that free space when I wear sandals and now confining them inside a pair of sneakers is painful. Lovely. Now I'll have blisters for a while.

If I don't get in nap position (prone) I'm going to miss my nap for two days in a row and since that would be too much to bear, I'm going to shut down and lie down and get some nap time.
Nite now!

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