Monday, September 21, 2009


One half can of coffee left, no milk and the wheat bread heels are facing each other so it must be time to make a stop at the market. Carrie spent the night and I warned her that she was drinking the last of the milk and there would be no more for the morning. She informed me that Coke, Pepsi or Root Beer would be fine with her.

We went to bed and an hour later she requests more chocolate milk. I told her we were out and she said "I'll just have plain milk instead". I had to explain to her how chocolate milk became flavored from the "plain" milk. She drank some Pepsi instead. When she wakes and I get her dressed, we will do a trip to the store.
Yesterday I finally cleaned the automobiles. The big car both inside and out got scrubbed and the Toyota just got an exterior body bath. I was soaked in sweat. My hair was dripping moisture when I was done. Normally I don't mind cleaning the vehicles; yesterday I minded. I hate being hot and being hot enough to sweat is gross. I can't imagine how the workers here that work outside cope with the heat and humidity. I would be one angry worker at the end of the work day. Even shopping in this weather is not appealing. Moving from car to store and back to the car again is enough heat for me and makes me wonder why I even bothered leaving the house if it wasn't a trip that was necessary.

My sister has her surgery tomorrow. She is in a quandry about the sedation. The doctor said she could request the femoral block but he doesn't do it that way anymore. He told her he doesn't do the pain pumps that she can request by pushing the little button. She will be managed by meds that are by mouth or injection. I like the pump that puts it directly into the vein. You get instant pain relief instead of having to wait till the muscles absorb it or the stomach breaks it down to get it into your system.
The first three days will be the roughest for her and I'm sure if she complains long and loud they will keep her out of pain.

I've managed to organize, do dishes and get a shower before Carrie arises. This is a good sign. It's much easier to get more done while she sleeps. No interuptions to slow me down equals more work accomplished.

I'm off to finish my coffee and some news before the TV gets rechanneled to Noggin or some cartoon show!

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  1. Totally off topic here, I missed the up-date on your friends daughter, whats the post called? Hope she came out all right?

    And yeah, having worked a physical job for years in all sorts of weather including the heat, though without the sucky humidity very often, this year, my first as a "woman of liesure" whenever I went out to do something in the yard I wondered how I ever made through the day without passing out. Honestly, the job sites would get up to 45 degrees, about 108 in you language(haha) I don't know why I never turned to dust!

    And thanks, that reminds me, my truck needs a complete detailing. Think I'll do it at the beach where theres a nice breeze off the water : D


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