Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Burn is On

The pain in the heel has been replaced by a burn. It feels as though my heel is on fire. Is that a sign that it's getting better? I'm taking my third dose of Celebrex and was told that it should start taking effect within 48 hrs. so I'll be monitoring closely it's effects.

Carrie and I dressed up and went to the mall. She was photographed in her new clothes, nix the new shoes. I let her wear the new shoes to the mall but they weren't coordinated with her outfit so we left them in the waiting room while we convorted about barefoot for our picture session.

We had lunch then went for a ride in these little rip off mall crusiers; they don't go anywhere, cost 75cents for 30 seconds of thrill a minute fun...
then we headed home. Carrie is shown here with a compact mirror she got in her McDonald's kids meal. She is discovering she has hair on the bottom of her eye. I asked if she just found this out and she said "yeah". The next 10 minutes she used the mirror to check out her nostrils. It was a discovery type of day!
I'm outta here to take my pictures to photoshop and make em pretty!

1 comment:

  1. She's a lucky little girl to have someone teach her about which shoes go with what outfit.

    sorry about the heel pain, thats gotta suck, how do you hobble through the mall with that going on?

    Wait... there's hair on our lower eye-lids? Gotta fetch a mirror! LOL. Kids are the best.


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