Sunday, September 6, 2009

If it got any busier here..

That was said tongue in cheek. Carrie is with her dad, hubby is on a job and I'm here all alone. Most of the time I don't mind but there are times that I have to break out of this house for a while.
I did a few errands this morning after I mowed the yard. I took the empty gas cans and got them filled up. This is a chore I used to dread doing. I was a smoker. I had this fear that I wouldn't remember having the gas cans filled to the brim on the return trip to the house; forget and light up a smoke and ignite the gas fumes thereby causing me to cause an opening in the roof of the car and catapault me through it.  I do have an imagination.

I had some extra keys cut for the house. The one for the car had to be returned. The remainder of my excursion delt with groceries and then back to the house.

I  will make an appointment next week to see about getting a steroid injection for my foot pain. I've had enough of this. I had a total knee replacement only to be crippled by the pain of this foot. I was supposed to be able to walk pain free after the surgery and that would have happened had it not been for the foot with it's problem. This is fustrating. It's also very depressing.

Ted is spending the night with me. I don't see much of him when he is here. He is in front of the computer or in front of his X Box. He is easy to have around; I trained him well. He picks up after himself, makes his bed when he gets out of it in the morning and keeps the bathroom neat. What more could one ask of a house guest?

I probably shouldn't have even started this blog as there is really nothing to note; nothing of any great interest to report. Who am I kidding? There is seldom any great happenings here. My nap is fast becoming the high point of my day. This reminds me. It's that time right now. Happy Siesta!

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  1. As one who has seen the dead centre of a fuel explosion, I'm a big proponent of safely handling fuels. I'll tell ya, you don't want to do what I did. I really should be a mass of scars, but I think because I was 7 months pregnant at the time I was on my best 'good healing' behavior : )

    I love napping, and fall.


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