Wednesday, September 16, 2009

6 of one.............

Ice packs and Celebrex and I don't know which one is the most effective. I've taken only one dose of the Celebrex but I've put ice packs on my heel frequently and I can stand up and walk without hesitating and hobbling forth. Could it be the ice packs that have decreased the swelling?
Everyone I know that has been prescribed Celebrex refuses to take it because of the side effects and one of those being kidney damage.

I paid 120.00 for that medicine yesterday. I'm going to take it at least for a while. Hubby said, just do the ice packs and see if that helps before resorting to the Celebrex. If we have an FDA that approved this med shouldn't that mean that it was tested and found safe for human consumption? Vioxx was removed from the market place because of the side effects it provided. Will Celebrex be the next NSAID to be removed and at what damage to the people that took it?

I just made a visit to the mall. Visiting the mall is something I rarely do. It's not a place that I go to for entertainment or to just hang out. Awesome sales are in progress and though I went there to buy some shoes, I browsed the racks along with everyone else in the store. I spent some money but what I bought cost a fraction of what it would have nomally cost had this stuff not been on sale so I don't feel bad about my little shopping spree.
I found something for Carrie to wear when I take her to the studio to have her photographed. I want to do that sometime this week. It's been a while since she had this done.
I'm off here to catch up on some news, some lunch and some nap!

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