Monday, September 7, 2009


Christmas? I've talked to a few people this week that have already started their Christmas shopping. It's amazing what having the temperatures dip down into the mid 80's will inspire people to do. I suppose when you quit sweating here you immediately think winter has arrived. By the time Christmas arrives here we shall be coloring eggs and stuffing baskets with pastel colored straw.
I refuse to recognize a lot of the designated days that are named as holidays. I don't do "grandparents day" though I am one. You don't have to buy me a card nor a gift on this day. I do recognize birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. That's enough for holidays. Oh, wait. I do also recognize Mom and Dad's day. That should be plenty of commercialism for one year. I really don't care much for Valentine's day either. I don't require a box of candy or a flower. I'm fine without it.
I remember not too many years ago when my siblings thought it was necessary to buy for each other plus their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Stress levels were high and nobody was happy. Our solution? We now only buy for our immediate familes. This suits everyone's budgets much better, cuts down on the shopping and the amount of money spent to enjoy this holiday.
What inspired me to get off on this path? I suppose it was the little shopping trip I went on this morning where I met people doing some early holiday shopping. 
I don't have a lot of holiday shopping to do so I don't get started early. I like to save it to do when everyone is out among the Christmas music and dressed in winter wear. It helps shove me into the mood. Sometimes I need that shove.
Carrie called me this morning. She usually calls when she is out of town on her little holidays. She will be back in town today and I know her first stop will be here. I've missed her, though she has only been gone 3 days. It seems much longer. No giggles, no hugs and kisses and no watching her learn to do something new. I miss that. I miss that tilt of her head when you can almost see the cogs and wheels in her brain aligning to remember what she is seeing and learning. I miss the questions she asks; her attempts to do something you know she is not old enough to accomplish but standing back while she gives it a try and only helping when she admits that she needs and wants help. We shall have a reunion, Carrie and me.
Speaking of reunions, the family reunion was yesterday. I didn't attend this year. It's held in WV and it's quite the drive for me to be there. Last year all my siblings were there and we took group  pictures of all seven of us together. That doesn't happen often that we can all gather together at the same time at the same place. Awesome!
I'm out of there to get a picture of my knee and post it here later. It's UKP time once again.

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