Friday, September 18, 2009

Good Luck Sis

Ah, the relief. Right now anyway, the foot pain has ceased except for a little soreness. The burning is almost gone and I can almost walk with a normal gait. I'm thrilled; I just hope the improvements continue.

My sister starts her journey thru hell next Tuesday. She will have her knee replaced and take a trip on the ardous path of rehabilatation which sucks big time. I'm sure she will do not worth a damn  fine although she has lots of patience less patience then me so I might have to remind her to shut the f*** up cool it and let it heal. She is not a whiner, although she can be a woose at times she has endured other major surgeries without a whimper and cried like a baby but I won't tell on her.

I have been editing pictures all morning. I'm printing them for family members; Carrie's dad, and grandparents to name the most important ones.
My other goal for today is to clean out the automobiles. I keep eyeing the black clouds overhead and wonder why I even think about washing a car but as happened yesterday, the black clouds blew in, I didn't wash a car and the clouds blew back out again without ever dropping a bit of rain. I'm going to go for it today and clean them without a thought to whether it rains or not.
I'm outta here to complete that goal!

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  1. Tia you are so AWESOME! Luv ya, Raqi


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