Monday, September 14, 2009

Lies and The Liars that Tell them....Al Franken Book Title

Nothing angers daughter more then to have people tell her that Carrie looks like me. Is there a resemblance? I think we do have the same face shape but after that I don't know where the resemblance stops.
Truths and untruths. An untruth is a nice way to avert the use of the word "liar". Now where the heck did that come from you might ask?
I was having a brief conversation with someone a few nights ago when innocently I broached a question that didn't require an evasion of the truth but that is what I got which of course set my brain to wander. Yep, I meant to use the word "wander" instead of "wonder". My brain meanders along on a path of it's very own once derailed by something and that something was an "untruth".
The question was simple, the answer was evasive; then the answer ended as a lie.
Stumbling around for the lie to my question was so obvious. A stutter here, a stumble there and an answer that was immediately changed and this should have been such a simple answer to give. How many times do you stumble around when someone asks you your name? It was that simple sort of question that was asked.
Then of course a followup question was asked. More stumbling and stuttering until I started feeling sorry for this individual. The story was making less and less sense with each question I broached. An elephant in the room and we must concentrate on ignoring it.
By the end of the conversation with this person, I had to wonder why would anyone go to all that trouble to lie when the truth would have been so much easier and less stressful on them. What was the point of the lie? I fear they were coached to lie and the coach didn't give them the answers to give when questioned. No cheat sheets to study or carry along with you in the event a question arose and you were supposed to have handy untruths to tell which left you stumbling for answers.
How sad that someone would even put you in this position and not supply the ammunition needed to make the lie stick; to make the lie believable. A bit of the responsibilty must be shouldered by you though. When you agreed to this bit of acting or this farce, you accepted the fact that you might look the part of a fool. Why would you agree to this?
Less often then not, thankfully, I slide into these little situations; I wander, wonder and then quickly box it up and set it aside; sometimes to ponder at a later date and sometimes just to rid myself of useless, unneeded, silly interactions that slither in and out of my life.


  1. Most folk lie from a sense of fear. Then there are those that lie because it is what they do. Had a b-i-l like that. If he told you the sky was clear you had best bring rain gear. He'd lie when the truth would serve best.

  2. Okay, I really want to know what question you asked the person. That just seems weird, and yeah, the liar has to take responsibility for themselves. I know you can't tell me to lie, you can ask me, but you can't make me if I don't want to.


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