Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Saturday Update

Finally! Finally she has decided to be her own patient advocate. She calls the nurse's station when she needs something and insists on two pain meds instead of one. You go girl!

Her oxygen level drops when she stands up. The doctor came in last night and sent her for a VQ scan. He is looking for a clot in her lungs. That test came back negative. It seems they are still looking for the reason for her 02 level to be low.

She is also complaining of a vaginal odor. Ok, I know this might appear gross to some of you; to me it's just part of the job. We discuss all those lovely things that do not come up in polite conversation.

Anyway I told her to tell the nurse to call the doctor and get an order for a U/A. She did it. She actually told the nurse there. We have some progress in being involved in our care.

I doubt if she goes home today. They may keep her because of her oxygen levels being low. A doctor had just made his appearance in her room so she had to get off the phone. I'm waiting on an update after this doctors' visit. Stay tuned family for updates that will follow.

An Update: She just called. She is being discharged and is waiting on Bob to come and pick her up. The doctor is going to order a 2D Echo. Still trying to determine why she is short of breath; low 02.
She can be reached at home this afternoon. Feel free to call her.

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  1. Thanks Sis for the update on our little sister. I talked to her last night and she sounded great. She said the nurse came in that she would call me back. I am glad that they kept her another night. I think they discharge them to soon after that kind of surgery. She told me that she was going home on Saturday and I am planning on calling her. So thanks and keep in touch.


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