Friday, September 25, 2009


Conoco called husband and wanted to know if he would do a job for them in Holland. If only I had answered the phone, I could have assured them that he would love to do that job and I would have inquired if this invitation extended to his lovely wife to accompany him as he doesn't do jobs out of this country unless of course said lovely wife gets to tag along.
Alas, husband answered the damn phone. He didn't actually say he wouldn't take the job; he hinted that working out of this country was not a preference.

3 weeks in Holland? What a wonderful trip and I wouldn't even care if the tulips were in bloom as February would be the month he would be required to be there. Do the tulips bloom in February?
I could wander the streets and canals and bicycle around on my own while he of course held up his end of the bargain by working. Hey, some body's gotta do it and moi doesn't any longer.
I need to get my passport renewed asap. What IF he did say yes to this trip? What IF I didn't have a passport and missed this trip because of that one little technicality? Why, I would just have to kick my butt for weeks for that snafu.
I'm making a list of things to do and a passport will be numero uno on that list. I've been meaning to do it since I had this knee replaced 7 months ago. It's time. I can walk fairly well now as long as I have a few rest breaks.
I think I may be getting all excited for nothing. I don't think this trip appeals to hubby at all. Since 9/11 happened and we invaded that little country in the middle east, he has this idea that not many people care for the citizens of the USA so he prefers to not test that supposition by actually presenting himself for inspection. Coward! I say. Live a little; smile a lot. They will love us.
Lets' get those passports in order and GO!

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