Thursday, September 3, 2009


I did this collage for my sister's blog page. Random pictures of the family from random years. As I look back at these pictures it reinforces the thought that it's all about random. Who knew when each of the pictures were shot where we would be one year from that date, or 10 years or even 20 yrs.

Did we have plans that went astray, sidetracked by events we didn't expect and move down a different path?

When I was 16 I had no idea I would be living where I am right now. Hell, when I was 30 I had no idea I would be living where I am right now. It's all about about randomness. Sometimes I feel as though I have tumbled along without rhyme or reason. I thought I had a plan but maybe I didn't or maybe it didn't matter if I had a plan or not.

I'm always amazed that some people manage to be born, live and die in the same place. I also wonder how they coped with that. I can't imagine never having lived in places I've lived across the USA and the sites I've seen. Would I have been just as content to never have been to those places. Would I have dwelled on things I thought I had missed? I have no desire to pack up everything and move. I'm not saying I don't still have the wanderlust; it's a part of me although it was easier back in the day when everything we owned would fit in a travel trailer and be towed with a truck. It was easy to pack up and move to a new location. Those days are gone and sometimes I feel as though possessions are just something to weigh a person down. Spontaneity was left aside when the furniture and the lawnmower arrived. Furnishings mean a home and a lawnmower means a lawn of your very own. Sounds like settling down to me.

For thirty years we pay for a house, retire and then sell the home and live our remaining days on the proceeds. During all those years of home ownership we cope with the improvements and maintenance of that house and yard. The American dream is home ownership? When I hear that I always wonder at the limits of our dreams.
It appears I'm in a mood tonight. I have itchy feet. It feels like it's time to wander about for a while. I need to take a trip somewhere. I'm not real particular about where just that I break out of the routine. Routine has never been one of my favorite words.

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  1. When I was sixteen, I didn't even think I'd live to truly, ungodly, ancient, age of 30.

    I knew it! You're a bohemian! It shows in the easy way you talk and what you talk about. From kid quotes to fresh garden porn, you speak with ease and insight.

    I've only lived in 5 places in all my life(so far) and I don't know if that was really enough. Or if it was too many. It just is what it is.
    I don't get restless for travel, but I love a good road trip all by my self, or just a long, long hike. Guess my restlessness is pretty easy to appease : )

    Routine is the enemy!


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