Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Need to Know Basis

Out of the mouth of babes, sometimes Carrie's conversations cause us laughter, astound us or suprise us. This was a day for one of those conversations.

I've kept Carrie's potty chair in the bathroom even though she can get up on the toilet without any help. Sometimes we are in the bathroom together; she on her potty and me on the toilet. It's a girl trip we do together and she enjoys this bit of bonding.

This evening she went to the toilet and used her potty chair. A little later she followed me to the bathroom while I used the toilet. She helped me to the bathroom; she led me by holding my hand. She wants to help me because she realizes I have some difficulty walking.

We got in position; me on the stool and her standing directly in front of me. She engages me in conversation. I'm a captured audience.

She says "boys have this thing", she says this while grabbing her crotch. I keep silent wondering what is coming next. The best thing to do is not repond till we see where this conversation is headed.

She says "they stand up and they have this long thing they put over the toilet and pee" "I don't know what it is, do you?"
I told her it was called a penis and only boys have them. She states again " um..yeah..and they don't have to sit down but Nana, it's called their privates".
"Ah" , I said, "and who calls it that". She says "my daddy".
She was done sharing on this subject. We finished our bathroom visit and left the room. We will continue our sex education conversation as her questions require answers. I'm hoping she waits untill she is at least 4yrs old! Sometimes she makes me nervous. I never know where are little talks are leading. I just follow silently for as long as possible.

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  1. Hey, its all about penii here these days!

    I have fantastic conversations with my kids, nieces and myriad God kids(yeah, I know, right? People do keep leaving their children in my care, wtf?)

    Favorite funny from my 5 year old niece when the check-out lady called her Princess:

    " I'm not a Princess, I'm just beautiful."



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