Sunday, September 20, 2009

Still Hopeful

I made an early morning errand run yesterday; I did not get my hair cut nor did I get a pedicure, both of which are past due and needed. I did not get the cars washed. Usually I set a goal for myself; it inspires and instigates me accomplishing much of what I get done. Yesterday was a big fizzle. I did nothing I planned on doing and in addition to that, I just did nothing at all.

I did hold the sofa cushions down on the sofa. You never know when they might just float up and away and if someone must be the one to hold them down, I'm the person for that. To be truthful, and why not? there doesn't seem to be enough of that going around, (see the tv news channels) my foot had a bad day yesterday. The burning was back along with the staggering gait when I would go from a sitting position to a standing and walking. Granted, I have noticed some improvement with the Celebrex but maybe this will take some time to resolve the inflamation of the achilles tendon. I'm waiting and I'm hopeful. 

I'm going for a mall walk today. It will be cool inside and I can look for a pair of good walking shoes while I'm there since I didn't get that accomplished last week. 
Already this morning I have more accomplished then I did for the whole day yesterday. I watered the flowers and trimmed the roses. I didn't even know that needed done till this morning when I noticed the dahlias were laying horizontal instead of standing up nice and tall as they usually do. The rose vine had engulfed the little Toyota wrapping it's tendrils around the tires; it was time. I feel I'm slacking off a bit around here. Thankfully there is not that much to keep up with after lawn mowing and a few flower trimming. Since I have no children that drip and drop everything they carry around with them, my house doesn't require a lot of constant cleaning and after saying that I'm thinking of the "Carrie visits" when housekeeping is kicked up a notch to compensate for the pleasure of her company.

I'm outta here. Breakfast is waiting.

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