Friday, September 4, 2009

I Must Get A Grip

It's Friday! If I had a job I would be one of the excited laborers that would be looking forward to a three day weekend. Plans would have been made weeks in advance to spend this 3 days vacationing or doing some chore that has needed a 3 day weekend to complete. Cookouts, beer, buddies and family reunions will mark this weekend. It's also informally known as the end of summer, especially for the children that have returned to the classrooms for another year.

I can feel "fall" in the air. The nights have started to cool down from the 90 degree temperatures we have sweated through all summer. Flowers are wilted along with everyone living in the hot humid southern USA.

I'm ready. I'm ready for jeans and sweaters and windows that can be left open to allow the fresh air to waft through. I'm ready for warm soups and hot breads, stews and gumbos. I'm even ready for football season to begin. Buffalo wings and football Sundays; yep, it's my favorite time of year. Soon it will be time to spend a weekend in New Orleans. The city will be cooling down and walking around New Orleans and waiting for a table at Cafe Dumonde; munching beignets with  powdered sugar, sipping on cafe au lait and people watching from beneath the striped awning  is something I look forward to.
This weekend is also Southern Decadence in New Orleans. I think this would be most interesting to watch. Parades, dances and dress up; a gay celebration and if nothing else these are entertaining.

Yep, it's almost fall and almost time to "do N.O."

Right now? It's almost my nap time.

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  1. Interesting, it would be awesome!
    Hey, do you have a sea-food gumbo recipe you'd consider sharing? I'm 6 hours from an ocean, but still manage to get some pretty nice fish and such.
    There used to be place here that made a nice gumbo, but they've left me : (


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