Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Rainy Sunday and I WON'T be making tamales!

Geeze OH Pete! I was up at 4AM again and I was wide awake as soon as I opened my eyes this morning so there was no chance that I would go back to sleep.

Shortly after waking, it sounded like the house was being attacked. I peered out the window looking for that escaped convict before I opened the door and stepped out onto the carport to watch the deluge of rain coming down. It looks as though a tropical storm is attacking. Sheets of wind driven rain are beating against the windows and  roof and even with an attic I can hear the wind and rain.

The convict? He is a convicted felon that walked away from the big prison. I have this horror film rolling in my head; I open the door and find him nose to nose staring me in the face. The head movie stops there; I die of fright so I never see any more of this movie. I think I watch too much crime TV.

I packaged up the tamales from yesterday and froze most of them. One dozen has been refrigerated for whoever wants to have them. This was a trial run and I'll be making them again in December for the Christmas feast. I hadn't made them for years so I had a flicker of doubt as to how the masa would taste. I'll just repeat the process from yesterday and they will be fine.
I have a doctor's appointment this week. Hopefully some relief is forthcoming on the foot/ankle pain I have been experiencing. The pain has lessened a bit but I'm going to keep that doctor's appointment. Sometimes the pain slacks off for a while then returns full force so I will have it  checked out this week.

I'm going to take my coffee and sit on the patio to watch the rain which is continuing to pour.

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