Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mom's Birth Date and Muggie's Surgery Date

I just did a post on the above title. Blogger was having trouble saving it. I waited and tried again and finally just closed out thinking it would be saved as has happened in the past.
Imagine my chagrin when I signed back in and found all my typing was gone leaving only the title to my blog. I realize it wasn't a great loss as literature goes but it was mine. It was my thoughts and feelings that were ignored by Blogger; callously thrown out; not worthy of being saved and reviewed. I'm hurt and a little angry. Let's not let this happen again or I will have to retaliate. I have no idea how I would do that. I'm sure there must be a way to relieve fustrations with Blogger.

My sister should be in surgery now or preparing to enter the surgery suite. I have been on the phone with her since 5AM this morning to keep her company. Sometimes she has to ditch me and call back later as the hospital staff makes periodic visits to get her ready for surgery. She had to have an IV started so she had to hang up and call back. They did an antiseptic wash of her knee; she had to call me back and on and on.
I should have driven in and spent a couple of weeks there so I could be with her while she was in the hospital. My error. I may still do that. Throw a couple of suitcases in my car and do a two day drive although the thought of that doesn't excite me at all. I used to make that drive at the end of each semester when I was in college. I'm older and lazier now but I find that after I get a few hundred miles behind me I don't mind . It's just starting out knowing how many hours and how many miles lay in front of me.
Today is my Mom's birthday and I miss her. We all miss her. She could be trying at times but then who isn't? It's a matter of opinion. She cared for us all her life. She cooked, cleaned and played games for hours with her children and enjoyed herself. She taught us to dance; something else she enjoyed all her life. One's mother is the one person in our lives that isn't jealous but proud of our accomplishments; that knows us from day 1 and loves unconditionally. You may not see eye to eye with her; you may not always mesh smoothly with her but you will always miss her.
Happy Birthday Mom and Good luck with your surgery sis!

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  1. My Dad's birthday was the 16th - and I still miss him as much as I did when he died in June of '66.

    You don't compose in Word?


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