Thursday, September 17, 2009


1. find some money. Tally up limits on credit cards. Select one and call the airport.
2. Reserve a flight; darlin, I'm on my way. I have to say, it would have been helpful had you offered to pay for a small portion, maybe even half of this fare. After all, you will be reaping some benefits from this visit.
3. Internet seach completed on marriage requirements abroad and for this broad. It would have been helpful if you had volunteered some information on this subject; I understand you are busy with your life but me becoming part of it soon would have led me to believe you would have shared in some of the requirements.
4. Pack and wait.
5. Deplane for a visit of 4 weeks with you my love.
6. Photo sessions, town visits and back to our room right above your mom's rooms below. It would have been nice to have a place of our own for our tryst.
7. Deplane at airport of origin 4 weeks later and a single woman still. No marriage, poor job prospects and hopefully pregnant. Isn't that how it's done? A baby in the equasion could just tip the scale that leads to the altar.
8. Wait. Again with the waiting. Another year, another visit.

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