Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stuffed The Stuff

What has taken me so long? I know I haven't taken many breaks yet I am just now finishing up with all the "stuff" I had to do today.

Lastly I washed the big car and cleaned and vacuumed out the interior and cleaned the windows. It's sprinkling rain of course so washing the exterior may have been a futile exercise. At least it smells fresh and clean inside. The Toyota has been parked in the grass for months now and I wanted to move it to the carport so it could be cleaned. Not cleaned today but soon. Of course it wouldn't start so I had to drag the jumper cables out and hook it up to the big car after pulling the big car onto the sodden grass. I thought I would see tracks deep enough to contain a small lake of water but it didn't sink ...much.

I have left it idling on the carport but if it won't start again, at least it will be easier to get to. I backed it in just in case.

Now it's time to get a quick shower and I'll make a determination after that as to IF I feel like leaving the house or going to bed for a nap. I remember when I could get a lot more done, but then of course I didn't need a nap.

It's a dreary day. That's enough of a reason to nap.

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