Friday, February 6, 2009

Freedom Day

Carrie spent the night at her house last night. This morning I got out of the house early to do some shopping and hurried home to be here when her mother dropped her off to spend another day. At the supposed time of her arrival her mom called to say she would be spending today and the weekend with her dad. I didn't know this so I didn't make any plans to do anything . Now I'm at a stand still. Re planning is in order and soon.

The weather is cooperating for a day spent outside. Maybe lunch at my favorite outdoor table at Dwyers. Dwyers is a "for locals" place. It's been in business for many many years and all the locals know about it. It misses a lot of the tourists but that has never hurt their business. They serve blue plate specials of the local fare. It's either smothered or fricassed. Bread pudding is usually on the menu and rice and lots of it is served with your smothered or fricassed whatever meat they are serving that day.

I'm outta here to enjoy my unexpected freedom day!

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  1. I love bread pudding. Hard to find good bread pudding these days.


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