Friday, February 13, 2009

A New Experience

Last night I had just finished the last load of laundry and had it in the dryer. I went to reset the timer on the dryer and nothing happened. Not one sound issued from the old hag. I know she has seen better days; I know I should have been shopping for a new one months ago. I checked the plug in to make sure it was still plugged in. No start. I took the laundry out and spread it around the kitchen because it was too late to hang it on the line and the stuff was almost dry anyway.
Today I planned to go shopping for a new one. Last ditch effort, I went to the circuit box and checked for a circuit breaker that might have tripped. Everything looked fine but I turned off and on the breaker and ran to check the dryer. Voila! It runs again.
My plans have changed. I'll shop for a new dryer this weekend. Today Carrie and I are going to see Coraline. She has never been to the big screen. This will be a first for her.
She just got here and I have her dressed and groomed and ready to go. The first showing is at 11:45. We can get in a movie and still get a nap following that. I'm curious to see what she thinks about the big screen animated version of her usual movie viewing.
It's great fun introducing her to new experiences. She will have a load of questions and will be talking about it for days afterwards. She just informed me she still has to put her makeup on so on that note, I'm off to get her mirror and face paint (I'll have a washcloth cleanup before we leave the house).

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