Monday, February 2, 2009

Untitled Cause I said so

Carrie's mom had an early morning appointment this morning so Carrie spent the night. We kept her up late thinking her mom was coming to pick her up and by the time we were asked to have her spend the night it was already way past her bedtime.

About 11PM we all go to bed and by 2AM she had awoke and crawled into our bed. Since she snores so loud, hubby leaves the bed for the sofa. Hopefully the snoring problem will be fixed soon when she has her tonsils out.

I got up at 4:30AM and soon afterwards Carrie is standing at my elbow while I'm sitting at the computer. I gathered her up and took her back to bed. When she is at home she sleeps till 10AM; I have no clue why that does not work that way at my house. I thought I would have hours of quiet time before I saw Carrie but that was not to be. She didn't go back to sleep so I moved her to the sofa and the TV while I tried to get some early morning chores done.

I have been on my feet all day. My feet don't bother me; it's that next joint up that causes the problems. Today it seems that Carrie needs more then her ordinary amount of attention so I've been busy. Around noon she calls her Poppy to go into the bathroom while telling me to stay out. I know this is a bad sign.
She had somehow managed to stop the natural flowing of the toilet. Another job to do. After I plunged the damn toilet, I had to remove the rugs and sop up a small lake of water.

Her new thing is to ask "why?" after everything I say. I give an explanation and she still asks "why"? This can go on forever. I now give her one explanation and when that inevitable "why?" comes up, I respond with "because I said so" and remembering all the times my parents response being the same thing and finally understanding "why".

Right now I have her in her high chair watching Noggin and having her lunch and our next stop will be the bedroom for a nap I know she needs and it doesn't matter what she thinks. It's "cause I said so" and I need her napping while I sit down for a few hours. I might even lay down for a few hours myself!

I still have a list of things I needed to get done today; I need a nap more. Goodnight!

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