Thursday, February 5, 2009


Carrie got her box of chocholates early or this might be the first of more to come. Valentines' Day is still weeks away. Consumerism! it's a wonderful thing. I think most holidays should be abolished. We escape from Christmas right into Valentines' Day followed a hop away from Easter and St. Pat's day is mingled in there somewhere. I suspect that some business owner encouraged all these holidays to boost sales for the year. Now there is even a Grandparents day along with Mothers' and Fathers' day.

Let's declare a "holiday free" year. Wait. I think that has been decided already by the majority; the recently unemployed that are quickly becoming the majority.

The economy is so bad you can't even joke about it. Jokes' on who?


  1. I think you are correct about that Sis.

  2. We need to consider it a learning experience. Not that those that created it are going to learn a damned thing.


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