Friday, February 13, 2009

Movie Day

Carrie and I had a special trip today. Her first visit to a movie theatre was a success. We left the house in time to get to the theatre 5minutes before the movie started. There were few cars in the parking lot and nobody at the concession stand except the staff. We got our tickets and collected a child snack pack for her. She stood quietly waiting for me to finish. She took my hand for the walk down the hall; she was observing everything. We got to the door to our movie and stepped inside. I had her wait till our eyes as adjusted to the dim light. Still holding my hand, we moved down the hall and found our seats. She hasn't said a word but I am watching her as she climbs into her seat and faces the screen. Her eyes are roving from one end of the screen to the other and she whispers "It's so big." The movie started almost immediately and her attention was totally on the movie. Occasionally she would extend her hand to mine if the scene was scary for her. She would gasp and giggle and make a remark about what she was seeing. She was enjoying herself and stayed attentive through the whole movie.

I had my doubts about doing this. I thought she may become bored and want to walk around instead of sitting in her seat. Our next time? Ice Age. I already promised her.


  1. would you change hall to aisle....unless you have halls in your movie theaters.....

  2. Nope, can't do it. It was a hall. A new theatre where you enter a long hallway that is inclined. You walk that hallway and go around a wall to see the seats at an incline. If you go over 1 row of seats, there are ailes. yep that a fact.


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