Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Adult Life Starts at 6PM

Carrie leaves at 6PM or shortly thereafter. Puzzles are packed away, crayons and coloring books are shelved and the doll is ignored in a chair for another day. The television is dedicated to the news of the day; the sounds of TV cartoon heroes fade till she returns.

On the flip side of this, Carrie takes her giggles and laughter home with her. Her spontaneous show of affection and her spinning, jumping and dance maneuvers are gone for the day. The questions she asks and the entertainment she provides goes out the door with her.

The instant she leaves I start missing her. While she is here a nap seems so important to me. A nap for me. An interrupted shower is a wish that goes unfulfilled while she is here. Then....
It took a while for me to develop a strategy to have some "me" time. Breakfast is served to Carrie in her high chair pulled up in front of the big screen. I race to the bathroom for a quick shower; no time for a long bath. I can usually get bathed, dressed and do something with my hair before she calls out that she is "done".

Anything done following her breakfast time in her high chair is done with her helping. This help will cause any chore to be increased 3 fold in the time taken to get it done. Lunch time and it's back to the high chair for Carrie. I can use this break to get beds made, floors swept and mopped and soon I hear her call out "I'm done".

2PM and nap time for Carrie. I would love to take a nap with her but usually don't. I do have to lay down with her tills she falls asleep then I sneak out of bed and have a quiet time unless something needs to be done.

4PM and Carrie is up again and ready to be entertained and entertaining till 6PM or shortly thereafter. I cannot remember what I did before Carrie started spending her days with me. I know I wasn't bored. It doesn't really matter though. Soon enough she will be going to school. Soon enough she will find friends she would rather spend her time with. Soon enough she will be grown. Now is her time for us.

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