Sunday, February 8, 2009

LaZee Sunday

Today was a lazy Sunday sort of day and thankfully it was Sunday. The weather is just perfect; perfect for me. Sunshine without lots of heat and a soft puff of breeze now and again. We cruised around town here and made a few stops at some of the stores then found a bistro for lunch.

The outdoor tables were filled with others feeling the need to be fed and frolicked by the weather. Too soon it will be too hot to enjoy an outdoor table but right now it's a perfect place to be.

This was our first visit to this new eatery and the food was great. We had burgers and fries and hotdogs. I know. You are wondering how those foods could warrant a mention. It's the bread. It's not the typical bread beneath that burger and that hotdog.
It's a crusty french bread from one of the local bakeries and the bakeries here are awesome. My hamburger was on a square bun; husband's hotdog was more like a sausage then the typical hotdog. It was a Nathan's hotdog with some great chili, onions and cheese and the bakery hotdog bun crunchy and all goodness. Beers were "two for one all day everyday" which was happiness all over husband. I had my usual water with lemon and we both enjoyed our long drawn out as possible lunch. We were in no hurry to be anywhere. We kept that pace all day.

Today was a rest day. Today was a lazy Sunday.

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