Monday, February 16, 2009

Shred Today, Gone Tomorrow

The office desk is piled high with "stuff" that needs to be shredded. I used to get at least 5 credit card application offers a week. That has decreased to about 2 a week now; I'm figuring it must have something to do with the economy or it could be because I am doing a little maneuver my sister told be about.

As she instructed, when I get those offers I open the envelope and take out the self addressed stamped envelope they always include with the application. I stuff the application in along with any other junk mail I have here. If I thought I could mail an old empty tube of lipstick or dirty underwear I might try that too. Have I mentioned I hate to shred? I seal the envelope and mail it back to them. I'm hoping they get the message; they had to pay for that return postage and if the envelope has been stuffed with so much junk they might even have to pay extra postage. Maybe that's the reason my offerings have gotten so lean. I'm probably being watched as a subversive or person of suspicion.

Even with less applications, I still have a lot of things that need shredding; things with personal information on them. The alarmists screaming about all the fraud has me nervous so I shred. I wonder how many trees I shred in a month? Speaking of trees sorta, I've noticed that our newspaper has not only gotten thinner but more narrow too. The weekly paper here is many pages less thick and about 5 inches more narrow. Less to write about or less people buying the paper?

One day I'll walk into the grocery store and see only one selection of catsup, mustard and other food products. Generic brands on all the products and only one selection of each item will be displayed. Think of all the advertising dollars saved.

The milk should be labeled "Liquid Gold" and the carbonated drinks have shot up in price. Marketers can't raise the price on those things that are "wants" as you can get by without the "wants" so they are upping the price on those things one "needs" as in food. Food products and gasoline are the only things I see increasing in price. Sales on clothes, and other merchandise are dropping as the demand decreases. Gas in again on the rise. The refineries are cutting production.

Frugal is the new "in" thing to be these days. Soon people will be removing the designer labels out of clothes and bragging they got them from Goodwill? Ok, that might be a bit much but there may be many things "gone tomorrow" in the world as we knew it.


  1. Believe it was Abbie Hoffman that suggested gluing the return address to a brick and shipping it back.

  2. All very good points, although the idea of only one kind of ketchup bothers me for some reason...


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