Saturday, February 14, 2009


As I exited the living room to the hall to get to my bedroom last night, I couldn't help but notice what a messy pig I am. There is "stuff" everywhere. The "stuff" is not where it is supposed to be. The kitchen has "stuff" strewn on the counter, the table and the floor.
The bedroom has "stuff" on the dresser and stacked on more "stuff". It's time to start sorting Carrie's last summer's clothes and getting rid of the too small "stuff" and putting her new "stuff" in the drawers.

I woke up at 4AM, smacked the coffee pot to flow and started remedying this mess. The kitchen was first and by the time the coffee was steaming in my cup, I had the sinks and counters cleared. I have a goal today.
I'm going to get all the "stuff" cleared away even if it means pitching a bunch of it to the curb. Fresh sheets on my bed and all the laundry put away and then I'll start on my nasty car.

It's pouring the rain and I can hear thunder rumbling distantly but cleaning the inside of that car won't be affected by rain. I think Carrie and I road-daying all day yesterday and then taking her to Lydia (small town) and leaving her with her dad didn't leave much time for "stuff" organizing.

I delivered her to her Dad because I wanted to pick up a "walker" from her grandparents. I'll be needing it soon and I wanted to make sure I have it here for that time.

This really won't take long as long as I don't take breaks (count this typing as one break). I'm off to find the finish line. My reward will be playing with my Photo Shop program and starting Carrie's 4th photo album. I do one a year and end it and start another each January.

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