Thursday, February 26, 2009


Three more days before surgery. I have moments where I'm almost physically sick thinking about it then I have moments where I just want it over and to be out of the hospital. The doctor plans on keeping me in the hospital from 4 to 5 days. As soon as I can show them I can walk, they will release me. I plan on doing cartwheels down the hall the second day. Maybe he will send me home?

I'm also noticing all the things that need/could be done here before I go. I won't be doing any of these things after surgery; I'm trying to catch up now. I'll just have to live with what is until I can move around normally again.

My plans were to get my passport renewed. That WAS my plans until I found out what the dollar was worth against the Euro. I might have to rethink where I can go on vacation when I can walk normally again. At this time the best place is a third world country where our dollar rates even with theirs! I'm thinking somewhere with sombreros and sandals or incense and rice meals. This would not be my trip of first choice.
Updates to follow.

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