Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday Capitalized

The chicken wings have been marinating since last night. Cheese and veggie tray is ready and the beer is chilled. All signs that it's Super Bowl Sunday. Shouldn't I be at the stores shopping?

Sometimes I watch the Sunday games and sometimes I take time out and go shopping but usually I always watch the Super Bowl. It's an American Tradition that is right up there with Christmas. It's always capitalized. Doesn't that indicate it's importance? It happens every year and every year millions of Americans plant themselves in front of the big screen either at home, with friends or in some sports bar some where.

Some are excited about the game and some watch it for the commercials. The commercials get as much after game air time reviews as the games. I mainly show up for the buffalo wings and the margaritas. I've never developed a taste for beer.

For hours today the sports casters will fill the air waves with commentary about the players, the coaches and the prior games leading up to today. The game doesn't start till late today but the whole day will be devoted to it.

I'll devote a few hours to watching the game and skip the all day reviews and that's my plans for this Sunday.

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